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Prosperity POS Solutions

Take Advantage Of Our 9 Years Of Experience With Self Ordering Kiosks. 

  • Integrated Multi Unit Ipad Kiosks

  • Integrated Text Ordering*

  • Integrated Online Ordering*

  • Integrated Customer Loyalty Program

  • Order Ready Text Notifications

  • Text Advertisements

  • Create Newsletters

  • Multiple Kitchen Displays 

  • Multi Station Printing

  • Group ordering- by name or email invite 

  • Employee Time Clock

  • Up To 9 Featured Items on IPad Kiosks 

  • Employee Payroll (coming soon)*

  • Generate Realtime Promocodes

  • Customizable sales timeframe Reports

  • Food Group Sales Reports

  • Item Sales Reports

  • Real Time 86'd Items

  • Realtime Price Changes

  • Multi Admin/ Multi Permission Levels

  • Buyer Analytics- know who your customers are and how they buy from you So You Can Emails Smart Ads*

     * Premium Feature - additional cost

Multi Printers

Multi Displays

We Use 3 EMV Compliant Enclosures


We are partnered with Square, Heartland and First Data insure the most economical processing fees

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