It all began in 2010 when I noticed that the choices for sushi-on-the-go were limited to offerings from delis and supermarkets, where the product is pre-made, pre-packaged, or even trucked in. As the owner of a full service, upscale Japanese restaurant, this diminished all the traditions of quality, craftsmanship and presentation of sushi that I know and love. I wondered how an establishment could provide quality sushi at a quick service pace, and I knew it would require capturing orders accurately with rapid preparation, precise execution, and notifying customers immediately when their food was ready.

I decided to embark on creating a customer facing iPad app where guests can view the full menu, enter a custom order, and pay for it at the terminal. A year later in 2011, Sushi-teria opened in NYC – the first of its kind with twelve customer facing iPad kiosks.

Creating, refining, and enhancing the customer facing program has been a passion of mine for over 8 years. Now I believe it’s time to share the technology with fellow small business owners to help save time and money. Prosperity POS Solutions has the extensive tools to enable you to market to customers, create operational efficiencies, and reduce labor costs. The app has grown to be extensively robust, with greater features and additional reliability, for quick training and easy accounting.

It is truly my pleasure to share it.

Prosperity POS Solutions puts the customers in control and maximizes your order intake ability.