Looking for a way to boost your business while also helping your restaurant or eatery become more efficient? Professional self service kiosk services from Prosperity POS Solutions is the perfect way to help your business run even better and more efficient.

We offer some of the best POS solutions for QSR, food courts, food halls, and more.  Text ordering and online ordering for restaurants is the perfect way to help bring in more business, and customer rewards programs is an excellent way to keep customers coming back to your establishment.

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Below, you’ll be able to compare price plans for our most popular POS solutions, including self-ordering iPad kiosks, rewards programs, online ordering, and more. See what features come with each of our POS solutions and see which package is perfect for your business. Compare prices and features of our most popular POS solutions to get an idea of what your custom POS services will look like. When you need high-quality POS solutions for your restaurant, food court, or eatery, then Prosperity POS Solutions has the perfect POS services for you.

If you have any questions about our Self Service Kiosk solutions, or if you want to get an estimate for your custom POS services, then be sure to contact Prosperity POS Solutions today.

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Prosperity Plan
Self Service Kiosks

Digital Text Ordering Plan $89/mo Infinity Online Ordering Plan $89/mo Knowledge Base Plan
Buyer Analytics – know who your customers
are and how they buy from you*
Custom Reports
Detailed Customer Profile
Integrated Text Ordering*
Integrated Online Ordering*
Integrated Customer Loyalty Program
Text notifications when their order is ready
Text Advertisements
Create Newsletters
Multiple Kitchen Dashboard
Multi Station Printing
Group Ordering – by Name or Email Invite
Up to 9 Featured Items
Employee Time Clock
Employee Payroll (coming soon)*
Generate Realtime Promo Codes
Customizable Sales Timeframe Reports
Food Group Sales Reports
Item Sales Reports
Real Time 86’d Items
Realtime Price Changes
Multi Admin/Multi Permission Levels

*additional costs apply

Estimated Pricing of 6 iPad Kiosks

  • 6 iPads = $1920
  • 6 Square Enclosures = $1014
  • 2 Star Receipt Printers = $466
  • 1 Kitchen Display $99
  • 1 Laptop = $300
  • 1 Cash Drawer = $100

Total Approx. Startup Cost for 6 kiosks = $4553.00

We’ve teamed up with Square, Heartland and First Data to ensure the lowest credit card processing rates

Magtek Enclosures = $295 each

Square Enclosures = $169 each

With our software you can now turn your Square enclosure around to make it a customer facing kiosk