Welcome to Prosperity POS Solutions, the self-service kiosk specialists. We offer some of the best point of sale solutions for those in the restaurant and food industry. From self-ordering iPad kiosks to customer reward programs, Prosperity can help make any and every restaurant run as efficiently as possible. In today’s blog, we’ll go over who we are, what we do, and how our POS solutions can help your company. And be sure to keep an eye out for more blogs and content to come about the benefits that Prosperity POS Solutions can provide for you and your company.

Who We Are

Prosperity POS Solutions was started in 2011 as a self-service iPad kiosk station. Since then, we’ve added more and more services that we can offer to help those in the restaurant industry run even more efficiently than normal. Prosperity was started by a restaurant owner and was made for restaurant owners of all kinds. We debuted in Sushi-Teria in New York City and over the years we’ve expanded to other restaurants across the Empire State. Places like Suteishi Japanese Restaurant, Made Fresh Daily, El Box NYC, and more are all benefiting from our high-quality POS solutions.

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Prosperity POS Solutions offers some of the best point of sale services that are designed specifically to help restaurants operate quickly without sacrificing quality or service. Along with our self-service iPad kiosks, which can be installed in any restaurant, food court, or eatery, Prosperity has other great features that will allow your customers to order from you even when they aren’t at your location. Our online ordering feature will let long time fans and newcomers to your restaurant or eatery order food from their home and pick it up when it’s ready. Text ordering will allow your customers to order their favorite foods from their smartphone, and the customer loyalty program we can set up for you will keep everyone coming back time and time again.

How We Can Help

The landscape of business, especially restaurants, is constantly changing. Everyone is looking for that new experience that no one else quite knows about yet. With self-service kiosks from Prosperity, you’ll add that innovative feel and design to your restaurant or eatery, and you’ll be eliminating those cumbersome lines that customers dread. With online ordering, you’ll be able to bring in more orders without the limitations of your physical location. Loyalty programs reward your regular customers and, when paired with the great food and atmosphere, will keep people coming back for more. On top of all of this, POS solutions from Prosperity will save your company money on labor costs.

If you’re looking for the best POS solutions, then Prosperity POS Solutions is the company for you. Not only can we help your company run more efficiently, but we can help you save money while also adding helpful solutions for your business. Learn more about Prosperity POS Solutions, see all of the services we can offer you and your company, or contact Prosperity today to answer any questions.