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We are Restauranteurs who Made A Self Serve Kiosk For Restauranteurs


In 2010 I was angered at Pharmacies selling sushi! As a upscale sushi restaurant owner this was against everything I know and love about sushi so I took action! My thoughts were:

1) Quick service cannot ignore tradition (so we made everything fresh to order)

2) We needed to capture orders quickly without lost of translation

3) A quick payment and notification system

I decided to embark on creating a self serve ordering app when Apple first came out with their iPads.

An App where guests can view the full menu, enter a custom order and pay for it at the terminal. A year later in In 2011, "Sushi-teria" opened in 601 Lexington Ave. NYC - the First of its kind with twelve customer facing IPad kiosks.

Creating, refining and enhancing the customer facing Kiosk has been a passion of mine for over 9 years. I believe it’s time to share the technology with fellow small business owners to help them prosper.


Prosperity POS Solutions has the extensive tools to enable you to market to your customers, create operational efficiencies and reduce labor costs. The app has grown to be extensively robust, with greater features and additional reliability with integrated online and text ordering, loyalty rewards  and more along with quick training and easy accounting.

It is truly my pleasure to share it.

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